Faith Diplomacy Essay

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Faith and Diplomacy In Madeleine Albright’s point out in her article, “Faith And Diplomacy,” she makes a valid point that religion plays an essential role throughout the world and should be separated from the government. In general faith-based diplomacy has been a key roll in today’s society, has a responsibility to give the people what they want and also what is best for them, when it came to religion, culture and politics. But diplomacy can be a challenge when it came to an agreement for both sides. In today’s world, religion-based diplomacy can have both negative and positive effects on society, as Albright’s state that, “Be god, because of the sorrow caused by people fighting, killing, and abusing each other in His name” (3). In our planet's history, nations have been born and died, and wars have been fought in the name of religion, religion is used for the benefit of people who are in power in that time, in order to benefit themselves, because according to their interests, cause people are more likely to be interpreted as a form of religion, because the masses of people are inclined by the messages in the form of religion and faith, which are expressed in command of these institutions. In the other hand when Albright says “Religion is a powerful force, but its impact depends entirely on what it inspires people to do. The challenge for policy-makers is to harness the unifying potential of faith, while containing its capacity to divide” (4). Albright understands that religion has its positives and negatives, religion is something good for people who need hope and help with problems and struggles they face on a regular day. It gives you a chance to pray to God for help with your life. Especially if you are depressed because of something that has happened. People also enjoy reading the bible to find answers to their problems. It is also a choice you can
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