Faith And Doubt In The Mutants, And Grass

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"Faith and Doubt" In our liveswe often go through trying situations. When faced with disaster or tragedy a person's character is sometimes tested, and when hope is lost it can be difficult to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In each of the works "The Mutants by Joyce Carol Oates, "Hurricane Katrina: The Corpse on Union Street" by Dan Barry, and "Grass" by Carl Sandburg,, we see how difficult it can be to remain faithful. There are major events in people's lives that raise doubt and challenge their faith. In "The Mutants", a young woman experiences the devastating effects of September 11. She first doubts the danger of the situation, thinking that it's no big deal and that "The accident will be taken care of." She is in denial about the seriousness of it, even when she sees smoke surrounding her apartment, "But this building isn't on fire. This is a safe building." She loses faith and begins to think this is her end. She takes what she believes may be her final bath and when she looks in the mirror she sees a different person, "A mutant being, primed to survive." Doubt and fear…show more content…
The author describes to us a ruined city and focuses on a corpse. Sharing with us the feeling of how "remarkable it is that on a downtown street in a major American city, a corpse can decompose for days... and that is acceptable." this makes us really doubt the morality and "human-kindness" of our society. "The incomprehensible has become so routine here that it tends to lull you into acceptance." The disaster has chnged more that the physical environment, it has changed the very core of the people and insanity has become the norm. When things become so unbelievable, faith seems far out of reach. Not much hope can be found in the city, but rather when the prople leave the destruction to move on and start

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