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I had just been finishing my last months as a child before I had to fulfill my duties as a full-time ruler of the land of Meeboo. My father, who is currently the king of this beautiful country, is deathly ill and doctors predict that he will only last thirteen more months. I am only fourteen years old, and not only will I be caring for myself, but also for my country. My mother left my father when I was young, therefore, I do not have anyone else other than my father in my immediate family. I am just sitting here, gazing into the stars as if I were actually there. The same place my father will soon be if the doctors are right. I hear the crickets come from the desolate streets, as if the guards standing by my gate weren’t even present. The butlers roam the halls like butterflies, silent and pleasant to look at. I just sit here contemplating, in complete silence, what it will soon be like without my father at home, empty, even lifeless. This is too much to ask of a young girl barely entering high school, I don’t even know how to kiss a boy! I even informed my friends about what the future holds, but I continued to hear the same words, “Just hang in there.” Maybe I can’t, maybe I am too weak to hang in there, I just needed to clear my mind. What used to be happy thoughts are now depressing, and I would like to enjoy the time left I have with my father. Not only did I want to spend every minute with him, but I also needed an escape. My friends were always there to listen, and seeing that I needed an escape, one told me about this site by the name of Eevoo. “Sounds pretty interesting”, I thought. This site was like another world, I can communicate with people from different countries, send pictures, and most importantly, escape my real life situations for a few hours. I thought my life had been changing gradually after the news about my father, but this site made a

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