Fairness Essay

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I've cultured and developed in my mind for years and I essentially live by it now. The basic premise is that there is complete and perfect balance in the universe. The challenge is to find the fairness in something seemingly unfair. Nothing is exempt: politics, religion, people, science, etc. Where am I going with this? Seems like by my own definition, no matter how hard I were to try, I could never get ahead, successfully or anything. For example, I could work my ass off and become president. Sure I could make myself think I've done all sorts of great things and life had more meaning than if I dropped out of school and worked a minimum wage job all my life, but aren't I also losing other chances for simplicity, adventure, family, etc? Is this a bad thing, when compared to the typical adult who merely pursues end goals with no knowledge or caring of what will happen should those goals be realized or dashed? To the individual involved, probably not. But what is gratification and the concept of 'being successful' except for a learned behavior from society's definition of success? If the individual wanted no such thing, had no ambition, had no greed, he'd be happy under any circumstances as he would not have a learned discomfort of society's concept for failure. For instance: Are soldier's successful? Compared to most other professions, probably not. They live in spartan conditions, undergo immense amounts of stress, and are usually rewarded by simply not being yelled at. ...this is not to mention, not least of all, the ever present risk of death or being shoved into views that do not coincide with theirs. Is this a life of freedom, liberty, and the prusuit of happiness? Nope. Usually anything but. ...However, they are respected, because the communuity DEMANDS it. They garner respect and very few would tell a 90 year old WWII/Korea veteran that his

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