Fair Weather Patriot

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Fair Weather Patriot Knowing the fight for independence was going to take all thirteen colonies, Thomas Paine understood that unity was essential. To gain that support, Paine wrote “The Crisis” in an everyday, familiar manner to inspire the common man to action. His quest was to enlighten and motivate a nation to defend a cause. Paine’s words are still relevant today and can be used to inspire America to come together regarding our major issues such as terrorism and economic distress. America’s oppressed can still be stirred to action with the words: “These are the times that try men’s souls” (Paine 637). A soulful person can no longer allow themselves to be subjugated by injustice and evil. A national emergency should not be the only time the people of America feel a stirring of patriotism. Unity should help us through times of threat to our homeland and in discovering ways to ease the hardships of our disadvantaged. America has no room for the “summer soldier and the sunshine patriot” (637). Patriotism should be a permanent fixture within our hearts. Although many of America takes off from work on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day, few actually celebrate these days or show the respect these important days deserve. Memorial Day honors our dead who died at war fighting for America’s freedom and Veterans Day honors American Armed Forces. Independence Day is our nation’s birthday and should be celebrated to recognize our country’s beginning. Very few people attend parades respecting these special days. Very few people take off their hats or put their hands over their hearts during the National Anthem. These momentous and significant historical days have become relegated to special sales days at the local shopping mall. “It would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated” and quick sales are
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