Fair Trade Essay

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The Fair Trade Certification allows farmers and farm workers to work their way out of poverty. It provides farmers and workers the means to compete in the global market. The Fair Trade Label actually began in the 40’s; however, it did not catch on till the mid to late 80's. The Fair Trade label assures consumers that the product that they are purchasing meets specific criteria of social, economic and environmental standards that are acceptable worldwide. Fair Trade standards require that farmers receive fair wholesale prices for their crops. This ensures that farmers will receive a price above world market average. I can go on and on about Fair Trade Labeling, all of its outstanding attributes and what it has done to raise the standard of living for coffee plantation workers worldwide. I am a child of a father from the “Motor City”. I am well aware of how important it is to protect the 'little guy'. Union Auto Workers Association did a lot to save my friends' dads and moms from being treated unfairly by our local transnational corporations. Recent history has shown there is a place for this type of worker protection. Corporations seem to get lost in profit and lose sight of where true value lays - in their people. I believe the goal to protect workers is admirable and still necessary. Today, I believe the plan to achieve this goal is flawed. Today, businesses change at a speed that was unheard of when these organizations were created. As far as the motor city is concerned The UAW is just one reason the United States Auto Industry is having a hard time competing. A couple of years ago I read that GM has to spend over $1,500 per car on health insurance and Toyota only pays $200 per car. Unless the UAW and the Auto Industry learn to work together in today's business climate I cringe at the future of my father’s hometown Detroit. The point I am making

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