Fair and Lovely Advertisment Analysis

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Image/Text Assignment Sender – Fair & Lovely (Hindustan UNILEVER Ltd.) Addressee – The target actual audience is young dark-skinned females in rural parts of South Asia who desire for a fair and glowing skin. The implied audience would be marital women, although younger men are also appealed by the product. Medium – The advertisement is featured around billboards, magazines and newspapers. Style and content - Non-coded or denotative – By looking at the advertisement of fair and lovely, you see that fair complexion is the main factor being highlighted. The properties of the cream are shown in dermatological steps, claiming that the pigment of the human skin will change color once applied using the following dermatological treatments; laser, face polish, vitamin mask, antioxidant, face peel. As it’s “Not just a Cream, it’s a Fairness Treatment” the advertisement clearly directs a hysteria promising to successfully bring about a fairer skin tone when applied. - Coded or connotative – What this advertisement claims is just plain manipulation and cannot fulfill the promise of actually turning your skin white. Skin color is a powerful theme in Pakistan and much of Asia, where a fairer skin tone is seen prestigious and beautiful. This idea has been strengthened and supported in the advertisement by taking the advantage of the dark skin of the people in Pakistan and emphasis on the benefit of having a fairer skin. The connotations of dull and brown are misery and unhappiness; these connotations are hence proved behind the pride and smile of the fairer woman on the ad. This is an example of how commercialism bass their advertisements and products on social hierarchy. Society chooses and decides what is accepted as beautiful and companies follow those criterions. The advertisement is portraying fame and fortune related to fair and beautiful women (the woman on the

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