Failures of Society Essay

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Simon Lee Global History 11/29/12 Period 7 Factors that affect the success and failures of societies. The Ancient Egyptians were a very successful civilization, mainly because of the geography and the climate that surrounded them. Many consider Egypt the gift of The Nile because without The Nile it would have been very hard for civilization and agriculture to thrive. Natural boundaries ameliorated life for some societies, such as the Egyptians. Unlike Ancient Egyptians, Easter Islanders did not have the privilege of having any natural boundaries. In addition, they also had very limited resources that were available on the island. The geography, the climate and the environment play important roles in shaping societies, such as the location of settlement, the crops they grew and how they developed. One of the main factors that shape a society is the environment around it. For the Ancient Egyptians it was very hot however they had The Nile River so the land was very fertile. Every year the river flooded making the soil amiable. This allowed the Egyptians to produce crops and become a very successful civilization. “According to Bob Brief and Hoyt Hobbs of Daily Life of The Ancient Egyptians Egypt’s two native grains, barley and emmer wheat both grew in flat grounds.” “The Nile yields turtles, fish, and clams for a daily source of protein.” On the other hand Easter Islanders did not have many resources to live off of; they could not grow certain tropical crops. There was also a lack of fish and chickens were the only animals that were domesticated therefore they hunted and ate any animals available to them. This led to the extinction of many animals

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