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Failure to Launch: Boomerang Edition Antonia Taylor Liberty University Have you ever played with a boomerang or heard of someone playing with one? A boomerang is a toy that when thrown, was designed to come back to you. This is how “boomerang children” operate, they leave home and then they come back. These are young adults who leave home and then find themselves back at home living with their parents due to various reasons such as economic problems, marriages that don’t work, or even financial hardships. These children may leave home with the intent of living successful lives, but may soon find out that hardships come along and divert their plans. “Young adults are taking longer to start acting like adults” (Feldman, 2014, p 451). “It is also understood that recent economic circumstances, such as the high cost of living and high youth unemployment rates, have made living away from home more difficult (Mitchell & Gee, 1996) and perhaps have resulted in greater acceptance of returns under certain conditions” (Mitchell & Gee, 1996). One of the reasons that boomerang children return home is due to economic problems. They leave home and find that living life away from home is costly and most of them are working for minimum wage or are college students trying to get through college and save money. Once a young adult leaves home, often times they cannot find employment when they finish college because the problem is that young adults are going to college for careers that have little to no job placement on the market, which causes trouble finding jobs when they graduate or there are simply no jobs available because the economy maybe in recession. When a young adult finds employment they typically are jobs that pay minimum wage. Minimum wage is a hard salary to try and live off of. Most 20-30 year olds have difficulties affording the cost of living when

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