Failure to Hewlett Packard Success to Chatzigeorgiou Gp

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Enterprise System Research assignment Enterprise System Research assignment Integration Integration Profits Profits CRM CRM HR HR Finance Finance Marketing & Sales Marketing & Sales Table of Content ERP System 3 Key Components of Enterprise System 3 Actual Components 3 Functional Areas 4 Benefits and costs of ERP system Implementation 5 Comparison between SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics 6 ERP Implementation cases 8 Executive Summery 9 Background 9 Hewlett-Packard 10 Motivation for Implementation 10 Launch Strategy 10 Implementation Issues 10 Results of Implementation 11 Chatzigeorgiou GP 12 Motivation for Implementation 12 Launch Strategy 12 Implementation 13 Results of Implementation 13 Comparison of the two companies 14 Conclusion 14 Resources 15 ERP system Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications act as the central company-wide information system. ERP systems integrate all of an organization’s departments, divisions, lines of business and geographical locations into a single, shared, unified and enterprise-wide information system. Key Components of Enterprise System Actual Components * Transactional database * Management portal/dashboard * Business intelligence system * Customizable reporting * Analyzing * External access via technology such as web services * Search * Document management * Workflow management Functional Areas ERP software typically has Accounting, Business Intelligence, Financial Management, Procurement, Inventory & Stores Management, Sales & Distribution Management, Manufacturing, Human Resources Management, Project Management and Customer Relation Management Modules. Functional Areas | Contents | Finance/Accounting | It is the production of information about

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