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Failure To Launch Essay

  • Submitted by: jayden1021
  • on March 17, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Failure to Launch

Relationships can fail for millions of different reasons, but there are three common mistakes that individuals or even couples make that cause an end to their relationship. From my point of view and own experience the most frequent faults are from being unfaithful, trust issues and lies, or simply falling out of love with your partner. For a successful relationship all the above is badly needed to ensure complete happiness. Anyone could have wheat they call a perfect relationship, but once cheated on or lied to everything they have stood for and believed in becomes tarnished. It becomes difficult to even look at that person the same way let alone remain in a stable relationship with them.

I had a boyfriend names Ramehl who cheated on me a week into our relationship. I knew what I had heard was true because he and the other girl never could seem to get their story straight. I had deep feelings for him so I decided to try and forgive and forget what he had already put me through and try to trust him again. He begged and pleaded saying he would change and she was just a mistake, but “once a cheater always a cheater” right? Well in this case, yes but in all cases, no. He never did learn how to change and for a while I didn’t either. I stayed with him for three years going through a relationship in the number two seat always following another girl, or should I say girls. Everything else we shared was real, but I could never again be naïve enough to stay in another relationship where I wasn’t the number one priority.
When I got to high school I really began to notice all the other couples and how much they lied to one another. I saw students at parties one night with their boyfriend or girlfriend and the next night all over their so called best friend. I also saw the tears and the pain caused by the lies that my friends were being told. Trust has always been an issue with me, I think I still blame new loves for an old loves many mistakes. I had...

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