Failure in Care Services Essay

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Task D (Failure in the care services) My chosen care failure is one about a little girl- Victoria Climbie who was born in 1991 and died aged only 8 years old. Victoria was sent to the UK from her birth place ivory coast by her parent. Her parents sent her to live in the UK with her great aunt, thinking that they would give her a better chance in life. Victoria lived with her great aunt and her great aunts boyfriend, Victoria died at the age of eight due to the two above adults who were supposed to be Victoria’s guardians torturing her to death. Victoria was admitted to hospital on two separate occasions with injuries from been beaten, hospital staff passed Victoria’s injuries off as scabies and sent her home. The hospital staff claimed to have thought that the social services would have followed the enquiry up but never actually made a full statement to the police and later the medical staff were to b partly to blame for Victoria’s death. Police, doctors and social workers all had contact with Victoria in the time she was abused but never thought to look further into why this poor little girl was covered in cuts and bruises. Some of the details of what Victoria went through are horrific and to think the health care services and child protection have failed to the point that a child had to die is a massive worry and a massive error. This report doesn’t once mention whether any of the professional listed above asked Victoria herself how she got her cuts and bruises. Surely there should be someone that should of asked Victoria herself, that way it may have become clear that there was not something right about the little girl. The report implies that there has already been foundations laid for a new, more ordered social work profession, and that there has been a regulatory agency set up as well as a social care institute for excellence- which is designed to

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