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Failure: a Love Story Critique

  • Submitted by: mihret17
  • on October 30, 2014
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Failure: A Love Story Critique
On October 12, I watched Failure: A love Story, a play written by Phillip Dawkins. It was presented by Keenan Theatre Company at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Failure: A Love Story was a story about a man named Mortimer Mortimer who was in love with all three of the Fails sisters but was never able to marry any of them. The story follows this actors until their deaths. The director and the designers were able to collaborate well and produce a play that was very intriguing and fun to watch. The design for the costumes were very interesting but the set and lighting designers especially did a great job, with the way they were able to convey the messages of the play.
The group of designers that worked together to make this play a reality were very careful with the way they designed their portion of products. I like how the designs supported the script very well. The play looked very organized and well planned out with way things were designed. About everything necessary parts that was needed to make this play presentable were present but there were some things that were missing or were there but didn’t fit in well.   Don’t get me wrong the acting was very good also, especially the times the phonograph girl was singing. The people in charge of each pieces of the concepts of the designs paid a lot of attention to make sure the designs expressed the themes of the play.
The most prevalent parts of the elements of design that were present in the designs of the play were colour (Hue), size, shape, and value. All the designers collaborated well to include some parts of elements of design to their final products. The way they used different types of colors throughout the scene designs and the way used different shapes and textures to make the play look cool was amazing and made the play
The scenic design was very realistic for most parts but it had some abstract parts too it I enjoyed very much. If some parts of scenic...

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