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Failure is something that every human being should have experienced. Most of the time, we learn from failure. Many people have learned from failure to do better from it. I have, of course have had many failures in the past. And, in most occasions, I have learned from it. Failure happens frequently to me and I am always surprised by how much I can learn from my mistakes. Many leaders have made mistakes. George Washington was one of the greatest generals of American history. Washington, however has made many mistakes in battles. While fighting the British with Fort Necessity, Washington made a terrible mistake of building his fort in the bottom of the valley and lost many men. However, in the next battle, he learned from what he did in the previous battles and used his strategy to beat the British in the next war. Even as a leading general, George Washing still has made mistakes, but still learned from it. Failure is common and there are many ideas people can learn from them. Instead, of not doing anything about what is done and not fixing their ideas, there are better things that can be done. People could use their past mistakes to avoid failure again. Some people may think that they cannot use failure to better their future, because they might think that the past is not able to be fixed again. They might also think that since they already made that failure, they might not be able to fix it again, and keep on making the same mistake. However, I disagree with these counterarguments. Although mistakes in the past cannot be fixed, they can still be used to avoid failure in the future. Failure is common to every human being and happens all the time. Some people might let their mistakes go, but some might learn from their failures in the past. Myriads of people, including me, have made mistakes. Even generals, who have led America to victories against trained

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