Failur to Sucess Essay

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4/10/2014 Prof Rizzo Eng. 024 When it comes to failure and success, people believe that success is good and is the most effective way to succeed in life become and failure people believe that it the end, that your become a loser “how failure can lead to success” by Paul tough, in his article he informed us that we need certain character traits to be able to succeed in life, In his article he outlines seven character traits that he says are key to success: zest, Grit, Curiosity, Self-control, Social intelligence, Zest, Optimism, Gratitude These traits were compiled by a couple of schools one public, one private in the New York City borough of the Bronx. These schools saw huge improvements in their students when they moved the emphasis from IQ and test scores to building character. Tough establishes how studies have now shown that while IQ and scores on standardized tests are certainly highly connected with academic and future success, that non mental characteristics actually predict success better than mental excellence. Sherman Alexie’s essay confirms and extends tough argument in character and success, “superman and me” discuss in his essay the experience he had when he was a boy living in the Indian reservation and how reading and writing greatly affected his life. This shorts story describes the young Indian boy’s fascination with literature, his intelligence as an Indian, and how he becomes a teacher of creative writing for Indian children. I believe that Sherman Alexis had the character traits to succeed in life. Sherman Alexie was an Indian boy who didn't really have anything going on in his life. His family literally worked pay-check to pay-check just to make ends meet. If there was any extra money from Sherman’s parents, his dad would spend it on books. Whether they are used or new; it didn't matter. Sherman wanted to love

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