Fahrenheit 9-11 Propaganda

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Documentary Theory essay The Art of Propaganda The question as to whether there is a distinction between art and propaganda in visual discourses, and whether it is always evident is not as easy to pin point as one might imagine, as to do so first we must differentiate between the terms propaganda and advocacy. Some filmmakers such as Moore create visual texts under the premise of art while achieving a forum to highlight a personal cause that will be displayed in the pursuit of actuality and this advocacy is hidden within the spectacle. While Moore may use techniques that are available within the propagandist’s arsenal, does his intention fall into the specific description of propaganda? “Propaganda is the more or less deliberately planned…show more content…
Are not all political films propaganda? Before Fahrenheit 9-11 opened in American theatres, Moore was proclaiming that it would be his instrument to remove George Bush from office. The filmmaker claimed he would show all the evils of the present administration in such a way that even hard-core conservatives would vote against Bush. Political propaganda appears when the group usually government or one of its agencies, uses techniques of influence in order to achieve goals which are clearly distinguished and quite precise. Sociological propaganda, on the other hand, is a sort of persuasion from within (Ellul 1973,p.64), which results when an individual has accepted or simulated the dominant economic and political ideologies of his society and uses them as a basis for making what he regards as spontaneous choices and value…show more content…
Filmed the entire week-long Rally. Utilizing thirty film cameras and 120 technicians, she produced an unparalleled film record of the events featuring many unique camera angles and dramatic lighting effects to reinforce the political message. The levels of orchestration of the text in pre production is as concise as ant Hollywood blockbuster every detail was orchestrated with how can I say without sounding glib Military precision The preparation for the party convention was coordinated alongside the preparations for the camera work. Nuremburg was created from the outset to be the platform for a spectacular item of film propaganda glorifying Nazi Germany. “The triumph of the will was indeed a film of the Nuremberg party congress, but the rally merely served as the set dressing for a film that was then to assume the character of an authentic documentary.5 The Nazis under the supervision of Hitler, assisted by Albert Speer, meticulously laid the groundwork, with precise plans of the marchers and parades.” (Wistrich

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