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Ray Bradbury talks about Fahrenheit not so much being about censorship but about being a society that didn’t read. People in the story are not intrested in reading because they think books are the cause of depression and how books carry on myths and legends. Also how technology has replaced books and that it has also affected relationships. To begin with people are siimple and unquestiong. They depend upon technology so much they think is a waste of time to open up a book. For example, technology creates so much power to the mind they start to forget things that are important to them . Mildred is just like everyone I the society; instead of caring for Montag and loving him, she goes along with society and doesn’t realize that its making Montag not care for her anymore. this is shown when Montag ask her where did they meet, and Mildred didn’t remember and says "It doesn’t matter" (pg.40) this is clearly shows she has no intrest in their relationship. Further in the book Montag meets a man name Faber. He explains to Montag why people distant themselves from books. So now do you see why books are hated and feared?". "They show the pores in the face of life. The comfertable people only want wax moon faces poreless, hairless expressine. We are living in a time when flowers die trying to live on flowers instead of growing on good rain and black roam."( pg.79) This quatation shows that peoplehave no intrest in books and Faber explains to Montag why they dislike book. People want ot live worry free withought any challeneges. They don’t want to face reality. In conclusion Fahrenheit has At many times, it seems as though if the society is perfect. Conversely, the one thing that the society lacks that keeps them away from such a perfect place to live in, is their sympathy towards others. Montag lives in a society where people hardly ever have

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