Fahrenheit 451 Week 2

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QUESTIONS <Academic Writing Workshop> 1. A paragraph consists of a number of sentences that develop a single idea called a . a. demand b. topic c. generalization d. note 2. How long is a paragraph usually? a. four to eight sentences b. five to seven sentences c. four to seven sentences d. six to nine sentences 3. Which of the following is correct about the topic sentence? a. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a complete sentence; if it has the idea, it is fine. b. A topic sentence should have either a topic or a controlling idea. c. A topic sentence is the most general statement in the paragraph. d. A topic sentence is always the first sentence in a paragraph. 4. Supporting sentences…show more content…
How was ‘I’ rescued? a. The French army had entered Toledo. b. He escaped himself, using the rats as a source of help. c. General Lasalle pulled him out, holding his hand. d. The Inquisition was in the hands of its enemies. <The Gift of the Magi> 1. What was O. Henry’s original name? a. William Sydney Porter b. Judith Ortiz Cofer c. Louis Owens d. James Hurst 2. What is the definition for ‘cascade’? a. stumbled or paused in an awkward way b. done with hard work or a lot of effort c. extremely large d. a waterfall 3. Which of the following is an incorrect statement about The Gift of the Magi? a. Della had $1.87. b. Jim values his watch the most, while Della values her hair the most. c. After she bought Jim’s present, she had $2.87 left. d. Jim had prepared ‘The Combs’ for Della’s present. 4. What did Della buy as a present for Jim? a. a fob chain b. chops c. a set of neckties d. books 5. What was Jim’s first response after seeing Della’s new hair style? a. He was surprised. b. He shrieked. c. There was no facial expression on his face, and so it terrified Della. d. He was shocked with horror. <The Open Window> 1. What stage matches with the description ‘adds complications to the…show more content…
exposition b. rising action c. falling action d. resolution 2. What is correct about Saki? a. He is a British man. b. His original name is Cisneros. c. He wrote short stories and poems. d. The Open Window is the only story that includes characters tricking each other. 3. Match the words with their meanings. a. disregarding - the yearly date on which a past event happened b. anniversary - treating without respect or attention c. sympathetic - soft, hazy light reflected from the sun just after sunset d. twilight - sharing the feelings of another or expressing pity 4. Who tricked Mr. Nuttel? a. Mrs. Sappleton b. Framton c. Munro d. Vera 5. How many men came back from hunting through the window? a. five b. three c. four d. six <Romeo and

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