Fahrenheit 451 thesis paper

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Fahrenheit 451 is a novel by Ray Bradbury about a society where the people don’t have any concerns for others. Everyone is only after the materialistic things in life, which supposedly brings them happiness. However, if everyone is so happy, why do voluminous people try to commit suicide every night? By portraying many figures who never even wonder about their lot in life, Fahrenheit 451 seems to imply that apathy is a very important element in the decline of Montag’s society. Fahrenheit 451 is a novel about a society in which people like materialistic things, fireman burn books, and people are dying just about everyday. At many times, it seems as though if the society is perfect. Conversely, the one thing that the society lacks that keeps them away from such a perfect place to live in, is their sympathy towards others. Montag lives in a society where people hardly ever have any emotions whatsoever. They don’t feel anything inside themselves, let alone caring about others around them. This lack of sympathy is causing the society to crumble down and shrivel into nothing. The society’s downfall is portrayed at the end of the book, when the society falls after losing the war. When we think of the war today, we panic and try to come up with some sort of strategy. However, the people in Montag’s society could care less about the war. This sort of carelessness is what started the war in the first place. Montag’s society is living carefree in the world, while everywhere else people are dying of poverty. Basically their lack of concern for others leads to their physical downfall. As said before, the society in which Montag lives didn’t care about the war so much or even the people who were dying during it. “He said, if I get killed off, you just go right ahead and don’t cry, but get married again, and don’t think of me” (page 95). This quote was said by Mrs. Phelps
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