Fahrenheit 451 Themes

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Does one’s learning and individuality get affected by technology and government censorship? Fahrenheit 451 by ray Bradbury portrays a society in which books and real education are no longer important. People living in the society watch the television all day and don’t care about their education. Everybody seems to be doing the same things. Montag, the main character, begins to realize the importance of books and how the society is not helping people; the society is making people lazy by encouraging fun activities in school. In the end, Montag decides to leave and live a new life. Bradbury uses figurative language, tone, and symbols to prove that technology and government censorship can deprive one of their learning and individuality. Technology can cause conflict within an individual. Montag is a fireman who burns books for a living. When he meets Clarisse, she makes him rethink about what he is doing by asking him if he is happy or not. She tells him that “it’s so strange that you’re a fireman, it just doesn’t seem right for you somehow” (Bradbury 23). When he is at the old lady’s house with the other firemen, he decides to take one of her books. He felt very conflicted while he was burning the books because he was thinking about what Clarisse had said. His hands were destroying the books, “crushing them with wild devotion with an insanity of mindlessness in his chest” (41), but his mind was thinking differently than his hands. Bradbury uses personification on Montag’s hand to make it its own person with a mind of its own and doesn’t need Montag to do its thinking. Montag is kind of in the in-between stage. He doesn’t know if he wants to break the law or not. In this moment, he doesn’t know if he should listen to his hand or listen to himself and make his own decisions. In the end, when Montag is at the river, he “waded in and stripped in darkness to the skin,

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