Fahrenheit 451 Study Questions Essay

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2 NAME____________________________ Fahrenheit 451 Study Questions—Part One-Sec. One (pp.3-24) 1. Who is Montag? How does he feel about his job? Fireman, main character. He likes it in the beginning 2. Instead of water, what does the fire hose spray? Kerosene. 3. Who does Montag meet on his way home? Describe her. What kinds of powers does she seem to have over Montag? Clarisse McClellan. She describes herself as 17 and crazy. Asks him about if he reads the books. Says that when they talk, he looks at her and listens. Says he is more approachable. 4. For what “crimes” has Clarisse’s uncle been arrested? Driving slow down the highway bc he wanted to see what he was driving by vs it being a fast blur. And being a pedestrian. 5. What does this tell you about this society? Nobody thinks for them selves. Don’t want people to think for themselves. 6. What makes Clarisse’s family different from the others in the neighborhood? They weren’t born here so they don’t have the same look on books 7. What does Clarisse ask Montag? Asks if he is happy. Couldn’t answer bc he had never thought of it. 8. Describe the atmosphere inside Montag’s house. Three walls w televisions on it. 9. What had Mildred done? How does she normally pass the time? She took a bunch of pills, I think. 10. What do you think Montag has hidden in the house? Money, or books. 11. Compare the “handymen’ at the hospital with today’s health-care workers. Are suicide attempts common? Yes, suicide attempts are common. 12. Do you think Montag is in love with Mildred? Explain. No, bc he talks about how Clarisse has changed him or makes him feel different in such a short time. 13. The next day, what disturbing statement did Clarisse make? Says that a fireman doesn’t seem to fit Montag. The other firemen wouldn’t even talk to her,

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