Fahrenheit 451 Quiz 4

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Name: Rickita Heisle Word Test 1. Which Microsoft Word feature allows you to create individual form letters? A. Envelopes and Labels B. Macro C. Mail Merge D. AutoText Answer =C. Mail Merge 2. To save an existing document with an alternative name you would…. A. Click on the Save button B. Select File, Save As from the menu bar C. Select File, New from the menu bar D. Click on the Open button Answer =B. Select File, Save As from the menu bar 3. Which Microsoft Word facility allows you to set indentations to your specifications and include leaders where necessary? A. Tabs B. Tables C. Columns D. Margins Answer =A. A. Tabs 4. What is the file extension used for Microsoft Word document templates?…show more content…
Select text - CUT - Go to new position in document - PASTE B. COPY - Go to new position in document - CUT C. Select text - COPY - Go to new position in document – PASTE Answer: A & C 22. What is the keyboard shortcut (button or buttons to be pressed) for Spell Checking a document ? A. F7 B. F8 C. F9 D. F10 Answer:A. 23. To add a Page Header or Page Footer, what is the correct sequence of menu commands to activate the header / footer editor ? A. View - Header and Footer B. Insert - Caption C. Insert – Footnote Answer:A. 24. Which of these will select ALL the text in a document ? A. Clicking three times with the right mouse button in the document B. Using the Edit - Select All menu item C. Using the Tools - Protect Document menu item Answer: B 25. Which of the following will NOT insert a page break into the document at the current cursor position ? A. Using the File - Page Setup menu item B. Pressing CTRL + ENTER on the keyboard C. Using the Insert - Break - Page Break menu item Answer:A 26. Which of the following will insert today's date in a document ? A. Using the Insert - Cross Reference menu

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