Fahrenheit 451: Questions

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Fahrenheit 451 questions 1.Guy Montag’s primary concern is to escape the city. “He ran very fast away from the house, down toward the river” (Bradbury 130). The action of Montag running away is not an attribute of a hero figure. Hero figures usually go against their enemies but Montag did not do this. The government uses fear by demonstrating what would happen if you try to go against the government with Montag. They show that he will be found by the Mechanical Hound and will be taken by the government. 7.It is important for Montag because it is his only way to escape the city and be free. “Here was the path to wherever he was going” (138). It does give him solace and direction. This is because he can now rest in peace because no one is chasing him. It does give him comfort because he finally knows that he will be able to escape the city. It does not give him direction because he does not know where the railroad tracks are headed. 10.They had to fake the capture of Montag to scare the people watching. They wanted to scare them so that they do not try to go against the government as well. They also needed to fake the capture of Montag because people might lose interest watching because nothing was happening.…show more content…
They all memorized a book each. “Here we all are, Montag. Aristophanes and Mahatma Gandhi and Gautama Buddha and Confucius and Thomas Love Peacock and Thomas Jefferson and Mr. Lincoln, if you please. We are also Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John” (145). Their scheme is that they live in the woods, hiding from the government, and they memorized novels. They memorized novels to pass on to their children so that they could always have the knowledge of books with them. It inspires hope for the future because when they have more people with them, they have all the knowledge of the books. No, because there are some that forgot some pieces of the novel but they have to remember those
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