Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 The extraordinary experience of reading the novel Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, is that although it was written in 1953 the author predicted a vivid description of the way things are in America today. The colorful characters in this book represent different examples of American culture and how this culture is addicted to electronic media means of communication and has a lack of self control. This fictional story projects almost sixty years into the future. The time period of this story is not clearly specified in the novel but it could easily be assumed that the story takes place during the new millennium. There are references to terrible crimes, nuclear weapons, political correctness,…show more content…
Faber directs Guy to safety in the country- side; where he is introduced to Granger, and intellectual book lover. Granger shares with Guy the happiness of knowledge and learning. Meanwhile, the town is left in an uproar in a media search to make an example of Guy and cause harm. In the end, Guy Montag has lost everything that he thought he knew and loved because of society’s inability to make sense of their actions. He finds true happiness with nothing and starting fresh. This novel was a wonderful example of how society tends to just go with the flow of things without question. Each character brought a representation of social thinking groups. Clarisse represented youth, positive inquiry, and embracing different political and social views. Chief Beatty represented intelligence used in a negative form with a Communist type of political plight. Faber stressed the importance of literature, learning, and standing independent of what others think. The character of Mildred showed just how unhealthy it is not use your brain. Granger represented direction of thought used in the positive. And Guy represented curiosity and the ability of society to awaken
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