Fahrenheit 451 Censorship Quotes

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In the book Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, A man named Montag is one of the many firemen in the society. In this society the firemen don’t put out fires, they start them. The law that these firemen enforce is to not allow anyone to own or read books. If a person is caught, their house will be burned to the ground with books inside. Montag had done this his entire career until a girl named Clarisse moves into the house next to him. When Clarisse questions him about his happiness, he realizes that change may be the answer. Montag decides to steal a book to prove that the law he was enforcing was right. He was only a few chapters in when he realized why people would put their lives on the line to keep books from being destroyed. He could not continue to uphold a law…show more content…
‘I don’t know,’ she said. He was cold. ‘Can’t you remember?’ ‘It’s been so long,’ ‘Only ten years, that’s all, ten,” (Bradbury 25). Bradbury is trying to show how empty and oblivious Mildred is and how society has her controlled by taking away her knowledge with censorship. This is a dialogue because it is a conversation between Mildred and Montag. Bradbury uses dialogue to show how censorship has affected her memory and knowledge. When Bradbury writes, “he clarified it,” he is implying that she might be illiterate and doesn’t understand what Montag is asking her. So, he has to repeat it for her and use a simpler version. This is the effect a person will have when you take away their knowledge. They aren’t as smart as they could be because the government is using censorship by taking away books and with them their knowledge of everything simple and complex. When Montag says, “can’t you remember?” he is getting frustrated with her ignorance and superficiality, her lack of knowledge and understanding is irritating him. Finally, when Montag says, “only ten years,” he’s confused and angry that it’s only been 10 years since she fell in love with him and she can’t seem to remember the first time she
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