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Fahrenheit 451 Essay 14/12/11 By Alex ….. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature with which paper catches fire. Ray Bradbury uses this as the title to his coming-of-age dystopian novel, about a world in which firemen don't prevent fires, but instead cause them, specifically targeting and burning books. The story is set in the United States in the future, where people are all taught equally, so as to not be superior to others, and watch TV in excessive amounts for a pastime. Reading books is considered illegal and a source of misleading information, and those who read them have their house burned down. The book focuses mainly on the fireman Guy Montag, who is the protagonist of the story and ends up overcoming mental challenges, such as the realization of his unhappiness in life, the sudden change of his thinking to that of outside of the 'normality,' and escaping the brainwashed barrier that the government has set up to control the people and minimize their thoughts of opposition to simply that of raw pleasure. As Montag begins to make friends with a young girl named Clarisse, she asks him if he is happy. Montag, at first, is confused by the question, replying with “Am I what?” He then proceeds to his house, reassuring himself that he is indeed happy and there was no question about it. As he keeps seeing Clarisse for quite a bit of time, after his wife's attempted suicide, his view on his happiness begins to alter. He begins to view the world as a bewildering place, where people were doing strange things for unexplainable reasons. When the old woman in the house the firemen were supposed to burn down didn't leave, Montag tried to persuade her to go; that books weren't as important as staying alive. The woman, refusing, lit her house along with herself on fire. Montag felt sick for a few days afterward, trying to understand why somebody would value books over

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