Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is an intriguing novel containing many literary elements that are key to the books story line. “Books contain many literary elements that enhance them and make them more interesting to the reader. More often than not the literary elements are used in a book to give it a more personal feel, so the reader can connect with the characters”(Fahrenheit 451). Some of the elements included in Fahrenheit 451 are internal and external conflict as well as the atmosphere, all play an important role in the story. These are not the only elements shown in this novel, but they seem to be the most crucial to understanding the meaning of the book. Dealing with conflicts is an everyday challenge to most people. Internal and external are the two most common types of conflicts people face. Authors incorporate conflicts in their writings to make the story more interesting so the reader does not get bored with the story. The only way a conflict can be resolved is for the character to face it and deal with it. The outcome of the conflict is based solely on the how the character chooses to handle it. Internal conflict is shown by Montag throughout the entire book. He is constantly debating whether he is doing the right thing by burning books, or the wrong thing. He knows it is against the law to posses books (Gioia), yet he gives into his temptation and steals them. He finds them interesting to read and thinks the world would be able to learn a lot from the books. Although, according to the law books are illegal, and the only way to get reliable information is through the televisions in the parlors. Being a firefighter, Montag makes a risky choice by keeping books and believing they are of good use to people. During this time society is used to everything being fast and at their finger tips. They believe concentrating and focusing on book is a waste of time,

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