Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Fahrenheit 451 The book “Fahrenheit 451” is about a society in the futuristic world where the government rules anything and everything. In their time, it is forbidden for people to think for themselves. It is illegal to read books because the government thinks that could start an uprising because if the people have a sense of free will then that could cause corruption within their society. In the beginning of the story we meet the main character named Guy Montag who is a fireman. His role through out the story was to go around burning down houses and destroying books, but that all changes when he meets a strange girl named Clarisse McClellan. Clarisse brings the joy of life out of him and that begins to change his total perspective on how he sees the simple things in life. After spending time with Clarisse he realizes that what he thought was happiness, was nothing but a lie. Also he notices that love for his wife has faded away. When Montag’s life begins to change, in a good way it all falls apart when he finds out that Clarisse had died in a car accident, and when he had watched his fellow firemen burn an old lady’s house down with the woman still inside, because she wanted to keep her books from being destroyed. Later on in the story, you can some what expect that Montag is unhappy in life. At least you can see that he wants to change his way of life. After awhile Captain Beatty has a talk with Montag because he suspects that Montag is hiding something, based on his weird behavior at work. At some point Beatty catches on that Montag is hiding books, so the advice he gives him is to get id of the books because they cause controversy, and a world without controversy puts an end to dispute and allows the people to live. Towards the end of the story Montag finally confesses that he had stolen and hidden more books than a small library. As the story

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