Factual Fiction or Reality - Bonnie and Clyde

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Factual Fiction or Realism? Bonnie and Clyde Few movies have captured the real essence of the gangster genre. Bonnie and Clyde (1967) is no exception. The film utilizes the simple base line of actual events yet leaving out the truth of the sinister characters themselves. The movie producers departed from the historical reality of Bonnie and Clyde to generate a glamorous type of style for the characters that the audience would gain sympathy for the infamous duo. There some similarities between the movie and the real Bonnie and Clyde. Both portray an intimate couple in love on a crime spree, even though Clyde had a sexual affliction of being impotent in the movie, he was actually bi-sexual. In the beginning, Clyde offered Bonnie an out before the situation got out of hand; she chose to stay. The Gang would announce who they were loudly and proud in spite that many of their robberies did not yield the amount of money that was always anticipated. They enjoyed reading the glorified articles and seeing their pictures in newspapers including Bonnie’s poems. Their violent gun battles with the police showed that the Barrow Gang did have an arsenal of weapons on hand and always on the ready. The differences between the movie and real Bonnie and Clyde outnumber the similarities. For instance when they met, it was not at Bonnie’s mother’s house as in the movie. They met at a mutual friend’s house, where they instantly connected and their story begins. They also served time in prison at different times before going on the run and creating the Barrow Gang. The actual Barrow Gang members changed members a few times, having at least nine members involved at different times these include: Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, W.D. Jones, Raymond Hamilton, Ralph Fults, Buck (Clyde’s brother) and Blanche Barrow, Henry Methvin, and Joe Palmer. The movie’s Gang members are composed of Bonnie

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