Facts About Civil War Essay

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Social Studies History + Maps/geography Culture How do you learn Social Studies? First hand accounts Chroniclers artifacts teaches about history ______________________________________________________________________ Causes of the C.W. Slavery South (confederacy) pro slavery North (union) anti slavery Abolitionists Business South-Farmers (cotton) North-Factories (metal work) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Election of 1860 3 democrats ran for president and 1 republican. Democrats couldn't pick one candidate The Confederacy Confederate States of America (CSA) President-Jefferson Davis only president of the confederacy general-Robert E. Lee leading general for the confederacy 1861 "treaty of peace" -CSA "secession"-USA 2. Immediate cause Definition-trigger, the event that started the war (fort Sumter) South Carolina left (seceded)after Fort Sumter. 3. Lincoln and slavery Emancipation Proclamation 1863 Battle plan for the North Winfield Scott Then "Anaconda plan" They thought the civil war would be a few weeks. Steps to the Plan blockade-Ironclad wood boats covered in Iron Mississippi river they would take control of it close in on all sides. This is the Gulf of Mexico and the Iron clad tries to go through the mississippi but confederacy sinks both with men with cannons on the river banks. Battle of Vicksburg-MS. (Mississippi) CSA shoots down on Union ships that actually got into the Mississippi river. CSA is winning until Ulysses s. grant brought the army and conquered Vicksburg. Unwritten rules about war don't kill civilians Don't destroy property UNNECESSARILY. Union General William Tecumseh Sherman "total war" = complete destruction of a country. General Sherman destroys

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