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Some Truth About Caffeine INTRODUCTION How many of you in here ever drink coffee? Or the now popular drink on the market called Red Bull. Do you realize when you drink these drinks you feel more energize or if you were sleepy you don’t feel s leepy any more. I know I have. It is because these drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine is a drug that is naturally produced in leaves, seeds and fruits of about 63 different plants, and is well known as a stimulant. That's why people drink it, right? Caffeine is in tea, coffee, chocolate, many soft drinks, pain relievers and even gums. GOOD DAY PEOPLE MY NAME IS LATOYA MCCORMACK AND Today I'd like to give you some of the facts about caffeine and its effects on your body. It may not cause you to change your coffee consumption or your “Red Bull” intake but at least you'll be better informed about what you are putting into your body. Now I'm going to talk about the beneficial effects of caffeine, the negative effects and discuss what are considered safe levels of caffeine consumption. Caffeine does help you wake up and feel more alert, it has been shown to increase attention spans and elevates mood. This is a beneficial effect for people who are driving long distances and for people who are doing tedious work. Calling this a health benefit may be stretching it, though staying awake while you are driving a car is definitely a benefit to your well-being! However caffeine also contains antioxidants which have been shown to have cancer prevention qualities, BUT WAIT! Before we start thinking about this there is no solid scientific evidence to prove this scenario. Yes it may contain antioxidants which may help in preventing cancer but you would have to consume a significant amount to achieve this. and that’s a BAD IDEA. Why cause: The negative effects of caffeine are

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