Facts About Anton Webern:

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Facts about Anton Webern: Biography: 1. Anton Webern was probably Schoenberg’s first pupil. 2. Webern was born in Vienna. 3. First musical instruction was received by his mother who was an amateur pianist. 4. He was the son of a mining engineer who later became the Ministry of Agriculture’s Department of Mining. 5. His family was minor nobility 6. The majority of his earliest pieces were settings of poetry. 7. When he was young, he and his cousin were enthusiasm for the work of contemporary German painters and the music of Wagner. 8. Webern married his cousin and had four children. 9. Schoenberg formally introduced his new technique of composition to Webern in 1920s. 10. For the most part, Webern devoted himself to composition, private teaching and lecturing. 11. He began to write music using the 12-note technique in 1920s. 12. He began a conducting career in 1920s. 13. His son Peter was killed on military sevice. 14. Webern was shot dead when he was smoking. Style: 1. His music has a unique presentation. 2. His music are based on natural law rather than taste. 3. He believes music history can only move forward, not backward. 4. His 4th of 5 Pieces for Orchestra Op. 10 takes only 19 seconds to play. 5. His music achieves the utmost subtilization of expressive means. 6. He used 12-tone method to further the non-repetition principle. 7. 12 tone row is divided into sections of 2, 4, 6 8. Many inversions and augmentations. 9. Major seventh and minor ninth are stressed both melodically and harmonically. 10. Single motifs are brief and stand out as individual particles or lyric ejaculations.
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