Factors to Take Into Account Whentreating Abused Client Essay

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“What factors would a therapist take into account when planning treatment for a psychologically abused client?” Word count 3,121 Abuse can be very draining and soul destroying for the victim. There are several kinds of abuse which include, physical, emotional, financial, sexual, institutional, environmental, neglect, verbal, and isolation. These forms of abuse can happen to anyone at any age. If abuse happens during childhood it may transfer into adulthood, therefore the emotional scaring can be devastating for the person. They may have many contributing factors which effect everyday life that require exploration during the counselling process. Different ethnic groups may be driven by ingrained thoughts and beliefs which may be introjected by their parents making some of these abuse issues acceptable within their community. For a therapist to work ethically with abuse and the issues a client may bring to therapy it is important to look into, and be aware of, all these acts of abuse and what effects they can have on a client. There are policies and procedures for cases of abuse and latest policies and procedures regarding safeguarding are intended to be in place to support vulnerable people from abuse. Using my own experiences I hope to explore these issues within this essay and in doing so highlight my awareness of how these issues can affect a client and how therapy may help during the healing process. Abuse occurs when people mistreat or misuse other people. They may show no concern for their integrity or innate worth as individuals and in a manner that degrades their well being. Abusers will control their victims into submission or compliance, sometimes this is done in such a way that the person has no idea it is happening to them. My husband and I got a dog named Maisy, she had been ill-treated. Maisy is so loyal and yet it is so sad to see her scars

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