Factors That Assisted the Development of Advanced Social and Political Structures of the Aztecs

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Factors that assisted the Development of advanced social and political structures of the Aztecs The Aztecs called themselves Mexica and because of this the land all around them has become known as Mexico. They built the empire of Mesoamerica in the 1400s. The fall of the Mayapan and the disintegration of the Maya empire was partly a consequence of the rise of the Aztecs. Nomads, Aztecs, from the north came to the area of central Mexico now known as the Valley of Mexico. There they settled near other communities of native peoples, the Chichimec/ Tolmec, that has been built along the lakes in the center of the valley. The Aztecs however, by force of superior military and political ascendancy eventually dominated the already settled people of the valley and established effective control over Mexico. They built their capital city by linking many small towns on adjoining islands. These towns today comprise Mexico City. They built their capital city, Tenochtitlan, on a small, swampy island, Lake Texcoco, in the Gulf of Mexico. The water all around the island city made it easy to defend against attack. Also, fishes, water birds and frogs were food offered by the lake. Problems include: having no farmland, stones and wood for building as well as flooding. They found ways to solve their problems caused by their location. They built causeways, or land bridges, to connect the island capital to the mainland. A dike, or earthen wall, long enough to protect the city from floods. They drove large posts into the ground and built reed houses on top of them. The traded with other peoples to get the wood and stones they needed for temples and palaces. The Aztecs built the chinampas in their lake to solve their problem of not having enough farm land. Chinampas were human-made islands formed by weaving branches together to make huge

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