Factors That Affected Early American Life

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As the colonists came to the New World this opened up numerous opportunities. The New World was like a fresh slate from Europe for the colonists because they could form it into anything they wanted too. It gave them a fresh start. The new colonies that they formed were divided into the New England colonies, Middle Colonies and Southern colonies. So what exactly shaped this wonderful New World that the colonists were living in during this time in the colonies? The social conditions and lifestyle in the Southern colonies and New England of early America were influenced by population, economics, disease, and climate. Population was one of the biggest factors that influenced the social conditions and lifestyle in the southern colonies and New England of early America. Population helped shaped early America because naturally, a larger population would lead to expansion and even more production. The larger and more productive the population of a colony was, then the colonie was better of socially. In the New England colonies, women were constantly giving birth to children, which resulted in large families. The mothers of these families would spend most of their time in the house taking care of their house and children, which fit the belief of the Puritans that said that women should have little or no say outside of their household. Since there were large families, this affected the overall population size of the New England colonies. The population of the South also began to grow during this time because of slaves. Life in the Southern colonies, which mostly revolved around tobacco, required more slaves than the other colonies, which resulted in the slaves dominating the area’s population. As the slave population increased, families were made. Southerner's way of life which revolved around tobacco asked for more slaves than the other colonies and these slaves

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