Factors of Students' Disability to Learn English Essay

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To learn English, confidence is something compulsory because if you are not confident, then it may lead to passivity and de-motivation in learning that language which is one central issues in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. Lots of students are being de-motivated and becoming passive in learning English on many reasons. First factor is because these students believe that English is almost impossible to learn. Grammar and reading based English language content taught in high school and junior high school often lead students to see little to no apparent improvement in student English language abilities. Usually, the syllabus at school would not actually help the students in improving their English especially in adding their vocabulary. The students will need to work on it themselves. I used to be there in a situation where some of my friends have difficulties in learning the language. I strongly agree that they have performance anxiety due to poor prior English education and the lack of exposure to native English language speakers which ultimately made students become passive and de-motivated towards learning English as a foreign language. Other than that, the main features in the literature highlight the fact that high school activities are geared towards preparing students for the university entrance examinations which are not aimed at assessing speaking and listening skills, but rather grammar and reading skills. Consequently, learning merely grammar and reading, it will lead to de-motivational and their attitude towards English as something unpleasant has become difficult to reverse by the time they enter university. My other friends who had successfully further their study in good universities are still complaining about their English whenever they call me. As a conclusion, students need to increase their self-esteem by working extra hard when

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