Factors Influencing Current Adult Learning

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Factors Influencing Current Adult learning Absract Frank Gonzales AET/505 07/15/2013 Stephanie Krebs Factors Influencing Current Adult learning Abstract Trends in the approach to education have steadily changed over the last 25 to 30 years with signs that enrollment in higher education by adult learners have grown in older age groups. This has been propelled by older students over 25 going thru life events especially professionally and , “The need to gain skills and knowledge to manage their way through life transitions as a result of those trigger events.”(Aslanian, C. 2007) The changing sociological pace has the adult learner seeking an alternative to traditional classroom time tables, and look for accelerated learning with shorter course schedules. Because adults and especially older students are sometimes not close to universities or colleges where a part6icular course study is offered the trend now and changed to online learning. Current percentages of adult student enrollment in undergraduate and graduate courses have resin to 35% for undergraduate and 80% for graduate course according to the Department of Education. The typical online student is between 30 to 40 years for undergraduate courses and over 40 for graduate courses. “The attraction to most of the adult learners is that most course work is given over a six to eight week schedule.” (Aslanian,C.2007) Another attraction to this trend of online or distance learning is that the principles of Andragogy, self centered or goal oriented learning play a big part in why online learning is growing. “The challenge for instructors to promote autonomous learning while recognizing individual differences.”(Hernandez-Grantes,V.2009) Building on the premise of how adults learn in Andragogy is what makes online learning so attractive. It also can be used in combination with traditional face to face learning
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