Factors For Pressure Group Success

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What are the most important factors, which contribute to pressure success? If a pressure group can influence ministers and civil servants, then they have a key link to the executive, who could then potentially grant their wishes by introducing private member bills, which would then be voted on by parliament, and could even become an act. If a pressure group can gain insider status, then they have more chance of being successful. It is of course very difficult to achieve this factor, especially if the aim of the pressure group is controversial or minor. A pressure group with a high profile has a much better chance of being heard and therefore having a lot more success. This can be achieved by gaining a lot of members, having highly influential members, getting support from well respected people or minister, being heard in the media, or even just having a good website or noticeable campaign. This can be difficult for many pressure groups, especially the minority groups. Pressure groups with high profiles can be given funding which allows them to pay for things like; a good website which is easily searchable, space in newspapers and media features etc. If founders of pressure groups have a lot of money, then they are more likely to build up more of a profile, and therefore have more success. A pressure group will be more successful if they have greater support. This doesn’t just mean a large group, although there is greater power in numbers, it also means good publicity and respect from the public. Getting a good public opinion and the support of the public pressurizes the government as they are trustee models. They are supposed to be giving the people what they want. Therefore government fears that if they don’t listen to people, they will lose the electorates support. Pressure groups usually get this public support by organizing campaign marches e.g. stop
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