Factors Affecting Choice of Primary School in Malaysia Essay

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International Journal of Business and Social Science Vol. 2 No. 15; August 2011 Factors that Influence Parents’ Choice of Pre-Schools Education in Malaysia: An Exploratory Study Dr. Zainurin Bin Dahari (Corresponding author) Mohd Sabri bin Ya Department of Business Administration Kulliyyah (Faculty) of Economics and Management Sciences International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) 53100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Email: zainurind@iium.edu.my, Phone: (603) 61964715 Abstract The objective of this study is to identify the important factors contribute most to parents’ choice of pre-school for their children. Parents’ choice of pre-schools is influenced by various factors that are mostly associated with the pre-school institution itself. Parents have different educational believes and preferences which puts them in a dilemma when making decision for their children pre-school education. It is very important for preschool businesses to meet the needs of both parents and children in order to attract and retain their customer. Data was collected using a survey questionnaire. The sample consisted of 162 parents who have pre-school children. Multiple regression analysis was used to identify the predictor variables that contributed to the choice of pre-schools. The main factors that influence parents’ choice of pre-schools are branding, privaterun institutions, safety and security, quality of teaching and hygiene. English medium and religion-based preschools are the preferred pre-schools chosen by these parents. Key words: Pre-School, Education, Malay, Parents, Consumer, Decision Making. Introduction Many issues have to be taken into considerations by parents when choosing a pre-school for their children. It involves between planning of getting all the benefits and achievement for their children‟s future and the total cost they must pay. Parents as manager of the

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