Fact or Guess: Hypotheses and the Scientific Method

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Fact or Guess: Hypotheses and The Scientific Method John Storrs SC235 Unit 1 January 10, 2012 Kaplan University Professor Travis Kibota Hypotheses and The Scientific Method Assignment Question 1: Read the scenario below and then analyze what is wrong with the hypothesis given. Renee has noticed that a few of her friends have better eyesight than she does. She watches what they eat and then decides to come up with a hypothesis. Her hypothesis is as follows: My friends who eat tasty food for lunch have the best eyesight. Initially, Renee has completed a brief observation period, provided her hypothesis; however, concluded prematurely without conducting any type of study. In addition, she did not repeat the process. In order to help Renee prove her hypothesis, she should have used a study group breaking them into two groups. One group would have eaten tasty food for lunch while the other group ate bland food. This study would have required the assistance of Optometrists to check their eyes and a Nutritionist to determine what is in the food that may help with improved eyesight. Her hypothesis is not valid. Assignment Question 2: Read the scenario below and then write three of your own good hypotheses about what is going on. Be sure to keep in mind the two characteristics of a good hypothesis discussed above. There are seven chickens in the farmyard. One morning, when you go out to feed them, you see only six. What might be occurring? 1. The chicken got lose and ran away. 2. A fox killed the chicken. 3. The chicken is in a different location. Controls Very often, it is easier to figure out the effect something has if you have something to compare it to. As an example, if you were trying to determine what happens when you give chocolate cake to children, you might run into some trouble if you got a group of 10 kids together and

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