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Fact and Opinion Essay

  • Submitted by: Apocacyber
  • on June 28, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Fact and Opinion" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Generally speaking, a fact is something that has actually happened or that is empirically true and can be supported by evidence. An opinion is a belief; it is normally subjective, meaning that it can vary based on a person’s perspective, emotions, or individualistic understanding of something. For example, biological differences between males and females are fact, while a preference for one gender over the other is an opinion.
A person who makes a factual statement knows that his opinion comes from fact. Where as a person who just makes some opinion does not have any fact to substantiate. While facts are true statements, opinions are not. Opinions are only a subjective statement and fact is objective reality. Opinion can only be an emotional outburst of an individual or merely an interpretation.
Facts can be proven to be true, but opinion can be either true or not. However, opinion can be proven to be true but is still a perception of thoughts unlike fact. Fact is seen and believed by all, while opinion is only believed by those who state it. Opinion is only just a thought or speculation and it can lead to controversies. It may tend to dispel the truth whereas a fact is only truth and truth itself
The distinction between FACT and OPINION is based on the distinction between knowing and believing. Facts are things that can be shown to exist, to be true. It is a fact that the Sun rises in the East. Anybody can check it out by getting out of bed early enough. It is a fact that the Julius Caesar led two invasions of Britain in 55 BC and 54 BC. Although it might not be as easy to check this as it was in the case of the sunrise, there is plenty of evidence to support the fact status of the information. Opinions, on the other hand are things we believe, but for which we cannot offer complete proof. British English is more elegant than American English. Summer in Hokkaido is more agreeable than summer in Tokyo. The Japanese government should take measures to increase...

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