Facing The Lion

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Colin Thornton Non – Western Novel 4/19/11 Facing the Lion In this book there is really only one main character. His Name is Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton. Joseph is the one narrating the story of his life and the trials and tribulation that he had to go through in his journey growing up. Some other important characters include Joseph’s mother whose name is Nkaririe Lekuton. He speaks very highly of his mother and acts as if she would do anything for him and he would also do the same for her. His mother wants him to learn what respect is. Joseph has two brothers one’s name is Ngoliong who was eight years older and the other’s name is Lmatarion who was five years older than Joseph. In the beginning of the book Joseph talks about how him and Ngoliong were at cattle camp together and had to face a lion. Joseph also has another brother who has the same father as Joseph but not the same mother. This older brother’s name is Paraikon. Joseph was young when his real father died, Paraikon then stepped in and acted as Joseph’s father. He loved Joseph very much and respected him but also disciplined him as a real father should. One other character that was not really mentioned until the end of book but I thought was important to the story was Daniel arap Moi who was President of Kenya at the time. I thought that he was very important because he helped pay for a lot of Joseph’s schooling and without his help it is very possible that this book would never have been written. The setting of this book takes place in a few different spots but for most of the story it is in the Marsabit National Reserve in Northern Kenya. This is a very remote place by most American standards. This is a plains area in Africa and where Joseph lives they have most of the wild animals to contend with including lions, elephants, rhinos and hyenas. Joseph talked as if they would walk

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