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Facing The Facebook Essay

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Facing the Facebook

  A. Informational technology is not being put to its original use; it is instead providing entertainment, social connections, and a good source of procrastination for all those that are members of the “Facebook generation.”

  B. As an avid user of Facebook I remain neutral, or at some sort of median with all of the opinions flying around about it. I love Facebook unfortunately for all of the wrong reasons. In my case Facebook is a procrastination tool. I use it solely to keep in touch with friends and to post/look at pictures. So in that sense I would have to agree with the text that it is a very addictive past time. Which also leads me to agree with the fact that Facebook is a very big distraction, students will spend hours upon hours on it for no specific reason at all. Not only that but students seldom think about the things they post on this not so secret society. Because of that they are suffering the consequences of getting caught in an illegal act or even falling victim to an online predator. All of the accusations made towards Facebook in this piece I am completely aware of and I completely agree with. However, it does not change the fact that I am addicted to Facebook myself, but this should make others aware of its dangers so that they can make sure they use it correctly.

  C. One particular characteristic that makes this writing piece strong is all of the solid examples and evidence to back up his accusations about Facebook. He uses real responses from real students that are Facebook users. You cannot get much more accurate than that, and it really helped get his point across and make it believable.

The Facebook Addiction Spreads

  A. “The Facebook epidemic” is growing at an increasingly fast rate causing sleep deprivation, grade reduction, and unlimited communication amongst peers.

  B. At first the piece started off negatively promoting Facebook by listing all of the possible down sides the addiction people...

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