Facing the Challenges Helped Me Grow

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FACING THE CHALLENGES HELPED ME GROW Challenges are all around in my life: learning to speak, taking a test, or giving a public speech. Sometimes they can be really tough, even beyond my thought, but all I have to do is to face them and never give up. That’s what I learned from challenges. During my early years, I was not mature enough to face the challenges on my own, even not brave enough to face them. When I was 5 years old, attracted by the beautiful and versatile sound, I fell in love with electronic organ. I eagerly asked my parents to buy me one. After several weeks of practicing, however, my patience and passion quietly diminished. When it was sunny outside, I always put it away and went out. Fortunately, my mother had observed my declining interest and started to make me practice every day. She would even sit beside me when I played. Finally, she helped me realize that the key to playing well is not only to enjoy the music produced by the instrument, but to enjoy being the producer of euphonious sound. Pushed by my mother, I made it. When I first entered the middle school, another challenge came. I was not really accustomed to the fast pace of teaching and learning. As a result, I did not do very well in the math exam. At first, it really disappointed me and made me frustrated. Thinking of giving up, I told my father about my grade. Surprisingly, instead of blaming me, he looked through my books and started to help me understand the simple concept which I had ignored before. He, as a professor but not a father, told me that it was the simplest concept that makes up the hardest part of the exam. In the two weeks following, he helped me every day to make sure that I completely understood the concepts taught during the day. With his help, I learned to preview and review the text, which finally resulted in my good grades. Working with my

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