Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl's Habit Essay

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RUNNING HEAD; FACIING POVERTY WITH A RICH GIRL’S HABIT FACING POVERTY WITH A RICH GIRL’S HABIT JONETTA FRANKLIN ENG-115 April 21, 2014 DR. MARYROSE KASRAIE Suki Kim appeared in the New York Times on November 21, 2004 where she wrote an article on “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habit “. Kim was raised by wealthy parents in South Korea, who last everything that they owned in bankruptcy. I n South Korea bankruptcy is punishment by jail time so they decide to leave and go to America. Her father was a millionaire from having shipping company and a mining business and also hotels. (Paragraph 1) Kim never did anything for herself or on her own such as homework, dishes, cleaning, washing clothes Just nothing. Things like this were new to her, and she ready didn’t like doing things like that, because in some ways she was a spoiled child. She had a maid and a chauffeur to drive her around when she lived in Korea. She even felt “humiliated “when she had to wash their clothes in Laundromat. (Paragraph 2) Kim noticed that in Korea school was different from American schools. She was now label Asian. But in Korea, Kim asserted that slippers were worn to keep the floor clean, when there graffiti on the walls of American school. Kim hoped to fine other friend that was of her race to make friend with, but it seem like that they had nothing in common, because they was poor. And they would call her F.O.B, they said she was fresh out the boat”, or yellow”. And that was funny, because they didn’t come in on a boat; they flew in on a airplane. (Paragraph 2, 3) And in order for her to learn to speak and understand English, she would watch the rerun of “Three’s Company”. Kim says that more brutal than learning English was “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habit and memory. At 13 she describes taking public

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