Facing Poverty as a Rich Girl Essay

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Facing Poverty with a Rich’s Girls Habit Jarvis Chalmers,Jr. Eng115 Dr. David Makhanall 04/15/2015 Facing poverty with a rich’s girl habit, is basically about a rich girl from Korea that became poor from circumstances beyond her control and had to move to the United States. The living conditions in Korea were very immaculate with her having a chauffeur, people helping with homework on a daily basis as well as household chores being performed by servants. Her mansion in Korea was three times as big as the small cramp space she called home in the United States. The young girl’s father a wealthy man in Korea became poor overnight. He lost his wealth to bankruptcy, a serious offense in Korea that comes with jail time. The father obviously knew the only way for his family to survive was to escape before jail ensued. The man took his family which consisted of his wife, his teenage daughter, and himself. The move from a mansion to upstairs of a brownstone was very difficult for the young lady. There were many new things that she had to get accustomed too from being rich to being poor, from speaking Korean to learning how to speak a new language in a new country, even changing the way she dressed! How difficult it must’ve been for her to see wealthier Korean kids in the United States, as she once was! At thirteen she used public transportation for the first time which was very difficult! Going to school was a nightmare for the young teenage girl. Even though she was at a school with Korean kids she was still not accepted. A lot of the Korean kids were either Korean and raised entirely in the United States or came from a lower hierarchy level and moved to the United States, since she came from either it was difficult for her to fit in. The kids called her F.O.B.(which meant fresh off the boat) these terms were meant for kids who actually came on boat to the United
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