Facing Our Fears Essay

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Facing Our Fears We often have to fight against ourselves during our life. Sometimes in our lives it can be the toughest struggle but we can’t accomplish our fears until we change ourselves or accept who we are. Occasionally it goes beyond our capabilities to overcome our struggles. When we fight against ourselves we have to admit our mistakes and fears and change who we are. It takes a strong person given that you would need a lot of endurance to go through with facing you fears. For instance, people who are both deaf and blind have to struggle with themselves. First, they have to admit that they are different from others. They could ignore how other people look at them or talk about them but they can’t ignore the difference they have felt for their entire lives. In addition, they have to change their negative views of themselves and start to live to an active lifestyle with positive thinking. It would be very challenging for them because they have to over come and control themselves. When people struggle with being deaf and blind they try to overcome their disability, because they don’t know when the struggles will end. They try to learn reading and writing and even how to speak but it goes beyond their limitation and it’s really hard to overcome. Sometimes, a struggle within ourselves requires us to overcome our weaknesses and it can be challenging. At last we should control ourselves to overcome adversity with ourselves. Controlling ourselves is very tough to do because we are free to do whatever we want and there is no force controlling us but ourselves. No one asked these people to try as hard as they have to. However, these people force themselves to learn more and go to college. They sometimes became hysterical and angry but they are able to fight through and they end up pushing themselves to work harder. We need strong determination to control our

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