Hsc 3020 Task 1

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FACILITATE PERSON CENTRED ASSESSMENT, PLANNING, IMPLEMENTATION AND REVIEW UNIT; HSC 3020 1.1 It is important to take a holistic approach to assessment and planning of someone’s’ care and/or support. Holistic means to take into account every aspect of a person so for example not just their physical needs but how these needs affect them emotionally. This is exceptionally important as by looking at every aspect of a person’s needs I am able to provide them with the very best support and care planning that I can offer. 1.2 Whilst conducting a support plan with a tenant I support them to take the lead when planning any support needed. I do this by encouraging them to speak freely and asking open ended questions and leading questions such as “and how would you do this/that without support” and “how do you think you could manage?” I would ensure that the tenant was comfortable in their surroundings which in turn would put them at ease and enable them to talk more freely about any issues that they have enabling me to provide them with the best care and support. 1.3 Both the assessment planning process and the documentation can be altered to assist in the tenants ownership of the support plan. I can do this in several ways, examples of which are on the desk top computer within my office or on a…show more content…
large print, Braille or audio. Also if a tenant was having home carers are they able to let the carers into their property? If not I would arrange a password to access the secure door entry system and a key safe so they could enter the property, other factors such as a tenants preference of care and support need to be taken into account, depending upon any religious or medical conditions they may require a specific type of care or

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