Facial Recognition Software Essay

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Summary What do Facebook, Google and Tesco all have in common besides millions of users and being the top rated company in their own right? They are the first set of companies that are setting in motion a plan to start using Facial Recognition Software. According to the article, many consumers (including myself are not avid fans of this new trend. Apple has even set a patent to soon make facial recognition an option for unlocking your phone. Although this trend may be new to Apple, competitors such as LG and Samsung have already introduced this option. With Apple being late with the discovery, they could perhaps have the formula that could take what is already out there and perfect it. While Google wants to use this option for image searches, Facebook is leaning toward the facial recognition portion of the program. Google has set into motion a program called “Name Tag.” This application utilizes the “Google Glass” product that was brought onto the market last year, except when you communicate with a stranger, Google Glass “takes a photo of them and then uses it to take a picture, then uses the picture to check the person’s online profile. (Dormehl, 2014)” One concept that did stand out with Google Glass is the ability to “read” a face and know instantly if the person you’re speaking with is a sex offender or even a convict. The positive outcomes are as follows • Having the ability to possibly meet new people • Possible geotagging of locations • Facial recognition to easily login to websites The negative impact that this venture can have • Invasion of privacy • Possible identity theft The negatives do not appear to be as bad, but with new technology comes headaches. Although I am excited to see where this opportunity can go, there will always be pros and cons with every single item that comes on the market. This can also be said for the iPhone, WiFi, and
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