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FACIAL EXERCISES General Guide To Facial Exercises Facial exercises are of great benefit to all people, women and men of all ages, young, adult, mature, to have a great, smooth, youthful, ageless face and skin. The appearance of your skin relies in part on the supportive facial muscles and in order for these facial muscles to be well toned, firm and help project a vibrant and youthful face, they need to be exercised and well toned. Facial exercises will assist in achieving this. Like normal exercises, facial exercises need to be done regularly to achieve and get the full benefit from them. Herewith some facial exercises that we feel you might find useful in your quest for a smooth ageless face, without any surgical facelift, and totally free, gratis and for nothing. This page deals with facial exercises specifically dealing with eyes and forehead. Here you will find facial exercises to deal with baggy eyes, puffy eyes, droopy eyelids and wrinkles on your forehead. Eyes are the windows to our soul, and it is really better to surround them with firm, smooth, unlined skin, than to surround them with wrinkles, lines, character lines, crow's feet or laughter lines. In addition to doing the facial exercises have a look at the Oi-Lin Signature Line - special treatment products. To highly nourish, moisturize and gently cleanse the skin properly, have a look at our Basic Skin Care or Advanced Skin Care products to help achieve a youthful looking skin. Ask your Kandesn Advisor for assistance. Eye Facial Exercises FOREHEAD FACIAL EXERCISES The skin around the eye, is the thinnest and most fragile skin found on the body, and wrinkles in this area cause great aging of the face as such, as the eyes are the central point where most people focus when talking to you. Facial exercises can be of great benefit. Bags under the eyes also do great disservice to your looks and create

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